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  Learn To Quit Smoking

Psychological principles of deep learning hold the secret.

As the title suggests the best way to start a new venture you are unfamiliar with is to educate yourself with the knowledge to do the job right the first time. Do it right or don’t do it at all. Let’s talk about a few ways that you can stop smoking which is the best way for you.

Cold Turkey

I am sure you have heard the phrase I quit smoking cold turkey. It is a slang term that means to abruptly stop or quit something, sometimes being an unplanned event. The origins are some what unknown.

Do you know anyone that had quit smoking Cold Turkey? I have and believe it or not they were successful. It is hard to determine why these people were able to quit without any medications, consoling or support. I will suggest that the people I know that used this method were in a strong mental state, able to stop even the thoughts of a cigarette. Here are a few statements from a cold turkey quitter: “You could quit your job where you are employed but if things don’t work out in your pursuit for happiness there always a chance that you could go back to your job later in life. Well, the same thing stands true for smoking. You could quit smoking now but there is a chance that you could go back at any moment.” The key to our friend quit smoking cold turkey is that he took a different approach. “I think I coined the phrase: I am never going to have another cigarette again.” You can immediately see the difference in those 2 statements. One gives you the opportunity to go back and the other one, you can never go back. People are living happier longer lives by following this simple concept.

Quit smoking pills and other medical treatments

There are other alternatives for people with less will power or people that really don’t want to quit but know deep in their heart that there is not one good thing about smoking tobacco, not one. They are really quitting because society is telling them or their close colleagues are saying it is wrong but that is OK. We will take what we can get. As long as you are standing in from of the quit smoking door is all that matters. You are ready knock and walk right in. The only question you will have once you have entered is what room should I walk-in. Do I go to the Quit Smoking Pills door or The Quit Smoking Patch door? What about the sprays that help you quit smoking?