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Rebecca smoked 2-3 packs a day for nearly 25 years.

Our family was amazed that we were able to quit - The Information on QuitSmokingGuru.com was simple, but very powerful.

"I've been smoking for almost 25 years, and my husband and I both quit using the information on your website.. Even our friends are amazed that we quit! QuitSmokingGuru.com is simple, but very powerful. It provides all the right info I needed and my husband found totally different information that helped him to quit.
I was smoking 2-3 packs a day, and wasn't sure I would be able to quit, but your website was so easy to follow - it was a life savor, Literally!"

  - Rebecca H., St Louis  

Layne thought she'd never be able to quit.

...showed me all the options and let me decide how to quit successfully. It worked!

"The site worked! After 15 years of smoking, I had tried to quit 5 or 6 times before. QuitSmokingGuru not only gave me all the options out there but let me choose the one that was best for me. I thank you and my daughter thanks you"
- Layne G., San Diego

I was looking for a smoking cessation program and luckily stumbled upon Quit Smoking Guru...

...I recommend QuitSmokingGuru.com to all of my friend who smoke.

"I recommend QuitSmokingGuru.com to all of my friends who smoke. As an x-smoker that quit using recommendations on Quit Smoking Guru I often find myself offering the website address to people I don't even know if I hear them talk about kicking the habit."
  - Toni T., Washington  

Marie was skipping meals because she could not afford to eat regularly but she somehow always found money to buy cigarettes.

I feel so ashamed when I would tell my story...

"I never thought that I had a drug problem like the homeless people on TV starving for food but always finding a way to pay for their drugs. Well that was me but with cigarettes. A friend told me about QuitSmokingGuru and I am finally free, totally free!"

  - Marie C.,  Fort Myers