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  A big part of the quit smoking process is the psychological portion. Review the following to see if you fall into these categories.

Before we get started, this is a good time to mention smokers that are in relationships with other smokers. You may think that you are obligated to quit smoking together. This is not the case. You can only quit smoking when you are ready. You can not be forced into quitting nor can you force someone else to quit.

Take the initiative, don’t wait for someone else to be on your same schedule. If you’re ready now don’t turn back because it may be a while before you get this opportunity again.


Another great way to quit smoking is to stop right before a short life change experience. In other words, if you are about to embark on a vacation for a week or so or maybe you have a new born in the house that is going to alter your schedule to some degree. The idea is to use this altered life style to but yourself in a smoke free life style.


Example: You might grab a cup of coffee at your current job then head out to the smoking area for a quick one. Well, if you just stared a new job don't look for the smoking lounge at the new building. Just get your coffee and go back to your desk. The new environment will distract you from your normal smoking routine.